espiro yoga

Meet the perfect stroller: inspired by Yoga, it is synonymous with happiness, harmony and fulfilment.


espiro only 

Lightweight 2in1 stroller with double ventilation system,

one stroller for the entire period of strolling.


espiro next

a full-size multifunctional pram for all terrains, paths and weather. Loaded with features and accessories. 


Quality, Safety, Design

The pillars of espiro brand are quality, safety and design. Our strollers and 3-in-1 prams meet the stringent requirements of the European standard, which guarantees that the products are safe and comfortable for children and will fulfil their purpose for a long time. In addition, we make sure that the final appearance of prams reflects global trends.

European standard

Our priority is to ensure the complete safety of little ones while travelling, resting and playing. Our 3-in-1 prams and strollers meet the stringent requirements of European standard EN 1888: 2018. Before a 3-in-1 pram or a stroller hits the market, it is subjected to numerous mechanical and chemical tests by European certification bodies and undergoes a number of internal tests.

Tests and certificates

We constantly work with SGS in France, where our prams undergo mechanical tests. The Laboratory of Materials Engineering and Environment at the KOMAG institute tests our fabrics, leather and foam and performs mechanical tests. Additionally, we work with the Institute of Leather Industry in Łódź and Textile Research Institute in Łódź, where we test fabrics in terms of fading or bunching. We attach great importance to the fact that our 3-in-1 prams and strollers support parents and their children from the very first days. We make sure to offer the best prams.


We understand design as a series of processes that give prams their form, shape and style. For us it is not only about attractive colours, but also many months spent working on the shape, cut, or properties of the fabrics. We want the 3-in-1 prams and strollers to be visually appealing and functional. The design of our products is created by designers, engineers, technologists and fabric specialists. Every pram goes through an extended prototyping process. Our Polish production facility gives us the opportunity to create designs and introduce new collections every year. By working with young Polish designers, we make sure that our prams reflect global trends.

Espiro is part of Baby Design Group

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Espiro is part of Baby Design Group

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